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Happy Birthday Mustang!

posted Mar 26, 2009, 9:52 AM by Reba Winters

Happy Birthday Mustang! -

Our beloved Ford Mustang is about to be 45. In celebration of this milestone, a large contingent of NTMC members will be going to Birmingham, Alabama to participate in the MCA party that will be held there. The journey begins at Ford Country in Lewisville where we join a caravan of about 300 other Mustangs on their way across the country. Our friends at Ford Country are hosting a lunch stop for the group that day and Gordy Johnson (familiar to those of you who have been to the annual AER show) will be serving barbecue sandwiches. Please plan to join us on Tuesday, April 14th to greet the caravan and enjoy the spectacle. If you aren’t going on the trip, we would really appreciate some help with setup and clean up chores at Ford Country. Plan to arrive around 10 am. The caravan should arrive around 11am and leave around 12:30pm.